Opening with a great combination of staccato strings and chunky rhythm guitars, "Late To The Party" begins in an attention-grabbing and highly effective way, signaling that this is going to be a slightly unconventional rocker that isn't afraid to take exciting risks here and there. This bombastic opening contrasts brilliantly with the following stripped-back verse section that makes great use of ambient guitar and a wider feeling of space created by the clever use of effects. It's notable how the addition of strings adds a great amount to the overall texture, as well as adding a subdued symphonic edge to the predominantly rock context, it shows the artist has a clear musical ear and is willing to explore different writing approaches. This is an incredibly strong arrangement, from the way the instrumentation has been complied and handled, to the general flow of the track, it's evident a lot of time has gone into how the track transitions from section to section, the result is a wholly fascinating listen that is both highly engaging and well crafted.

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