• song writer , musician, producer, engineer .

My name is Michael Olson ( M.R.O. THE VIKING) I’m a new upcoming artist that does it all myself , I’m a master of all trades so to speak . I write , and record all my music myself as well as produce mix and master it. I write about life experiences , my outlook on different aspects , I try to portray a message to my stories . I want to touch the listener with emotion . Maybe get in touch with similar issues that they can relate to in their lives . I’m born and raised in Woodland Hills California which is in Los Angeles California . My first band was in high school and I learned to song write at an early age . But I put the guitar down at the age of 20 and picked it back up again like a lost life long friend years later . I’ve learned through music writing lyrics is a form of therapy for me and hopefully for the listener if they so chose . Or something that can brighten their day or give them something to think about . I believe life is one big classroom , we live to learn and we learn to live . So join me on this great adventure and checkout a tune or two off any of my five albums or singles . Found on most digital platforms . You can also download tunes straight off of this site .